Busy Bees

UCUMC KDO Busy Bee Class is the place to Bee!  In this class the teachers work with the children to get them ready for preschool, they keep them engaged and excited about learning.  The Busy Bee Class will open up opportunities to explore elements like Name recognition (recognizing their name on their cups and cubbies), following directions, shapes and colors, problem solving, work on recognizing opposites and many other exciting activities. 

Don't worry! It's not ALL work, we PLAY too!

Centers are created throughout the class room to encourage creative and imaginative play.  They are organized by monthly themes, interests and skills.  Every other week we have chapel in the sanctuary where the children sing songs and learn about the bible. 

Your child's brain is a sponge that has an enormous amount of room to soak in what is being taught to them.  It is during this wonderful age that your child learns the most.  They are continually making us laugh and we learn something from them everyday!  Your child will be safe and loved here with us!

KDO Classroom Curriculum

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Kids' Day Out

Just like every child is different, each of our classrooms have a specially designed curriculum catered to your child's age group. The following will help provide you with a little bit more information about what your child will learn while they are with us.


Welcome to the Caterpillar Class, here your toddler will be able to explore their surroundings, develop in gross and fine motor skills.  Your child is special to us and we know that each child learns and grows at different rates than other children the same age.  We want to cater to their needs and help them flourish while in our care.  Some skills we encourage in the Caterpillar Class are patience (learning to wait their turn), social and emotional development, cognitive development, language development, fine motor skills (we like to do a lot of crafts using their hands and feet), music and movement (getting those little bodies moving and grooving!)


We love our little ladybugs, they are such amazing little people and eager learners.  The main emphasis for this age group are the following:

Building Positive relationships between teacher and child, creating a positive emotional environment, encourage appropriate expression of emotions(both negative and positive).

Helping children make friends supporting children as they practice social skills and build friendships.  We facilitate positive peer interaction, we assists children in resolving conflicts.  Our curriculum includes shapes and colors, free art to improve fine motor skills, creative play, one on one correspondence, and matching and sorting.  We thoughtfully plan the environment and activities your child enjoys each day, we assure that they are DOING and LEARNING as well as LAUGHING and LOVING in all of their "play". 



In the butterfly class your child will learn by exploring various learning centers which contain a variety of lessons ranging from social and emotional development to imaginative play.

Math Center...In the Math Center we teach a variety of lessons including shapes, patterns, counting, numbers, graphing, measuring...etc. Science Center...Children are encouraged to look at measuring spoons, cups, funnels and experiment with them all .  Reading...We teach our children to listen to books being read aloud, to hold, and treat books properly 

Fine Motor Skills Center: Fine motor skills are essential to the development of a young child.  Many activities in daily life require the use of fine motor skills ranging from writing to whispering.  Fine motor skills coordinate precise, small movements involving the hands, wrists, feet, toes, lips, and tongue.  This center includes puzzles, drawing, painting and coloring, lacing boards and beads, P.E. and Music

Gross Motor Skills: Gross motor skills involve the large muscles of the body that enable functions such as walking, sitting upright, as well as lifting, kicking, and throwing a ball.  This center includes dancing, running, and playing outdoors on the playground, PE and music

Cooperative Play Center...Home and Dress-Up Center, the children are encouraged to use imaginative play in the Home Center which includes a kitchen, refrigerator, play food, and dress-up clothes 

The Butterfly class also will get to attend Chapel every other Tuesday and learn stories from the bible and sings Christian based songs.