Universal City United Methodist

Kids' Day Out

All classes have a scheduled snack time, outdoor play, lunch, daily craft, and bathroom break/diaper changes

     AGES                       CLASS SIZE                    MONTHLY TUITION
                                                                         (2 DAYS PER WK)
    30 - 35 MONTHS                    12 CHILDREN                                   $260

Busy Bees


     AGES                       CLASS SIZE                    MONTHLY TUITION
                                                                         (2 DAYS PER WK)
   24 - 29 MONTHS                    12 CHILDREN                                    $260
    AGES                        CLASS SIZE                    MONTHLY TUITION
                                                                         (2 DAYS PER WK)
  18 - 23 MONTHS                      8 CHILDREN                                     $260


      AGES                        CLASS SIZE                    MONTHLY TUITION
                                                                           (2 DAYS PER WK)
     12 - 17 MONTHS                      8 CHILDREN                                      $260    

Welcome to the world of toddler hood in the Caterpillar Class! This stage brings on opportunities for your little explorer to learn to walk, run, and climb.  Your child is unique and his or her learning and growth rates differ from other children the same age. This program consists of:

~Social/Emotional Development

~Cognitive Development

~Language Development

~Fine Motor Skills

~Music and movement

~and More!


Our Ladybug program offers a chance for your toddler to come into their own.  We encourage imaginative and creative play, by creating a nurturing environment while guiding them to follow direction (clean up clean up, everybody everywhere!) and patience by learning to wait their turn.  The Ladybug class consists of:




~Self Confidence

~Social/Emotional Development

~Music and more


Toddlers are amazing little people. You will be amazed at how much they learn in the school year.  The main emphasis on this age group are as follows: 

~Building Positive Relationships between Teacher and Child

~Growing their knowledge of shapes, colors, and numbers/letters

~Fine/Gross motor skills

~Cooperative play

~Center play (ie. Building center, kitchen/dress up center, etc)

~P.E. and Music

~Attend Chapel every other Tuesday




The Busy Bee class is an exciting step in your child's development and future.  This class is structured with a daily routine and filled with fun and creative activities to keep children engaged and excited about learning.  In the Busy Bee class your child will be open to the elements of:

~Name recognition-knowing the first letter of their name

~Imaginative and creative play

~Manners-Raising hand, Please, Thank You, I'm Sorry, "May I please have..."

~Solving problems


~Days of the Week, months, year

~Attend Chapel every other Tuesday


Our K.D.O. Program offers four different age group classes, on Tuesday and Thursday.  The classes run from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  Each class has two teachers.  This allows the children and the teachers to bond as a school family and really get to know and care about each other.  Listed below are the four classes, the age requirements, class size, and fees.  Each class has a curriculum specially planned by the teachers for that age group.  A copy is available in the KDO office. 

Classes Offered: