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Established in 1979

The Universal City United Methodist Church Kids' Day Out, was originally started in 1979 as a one day a week Mother's Day Out program. In the Summer of 1979 MDO was under the direction of Rosemary Wygant, the teachers were volunteers and soon were given salaries. Later in 1979, Cynthia Runyen who would become a UCUM Preschool teacher and Isis Thiel alternated as the director. In 1982, Norma Hood was hired as the director and the program took on 9 teachers and expanded to operating twice a week. From 1989 through 1992, Janet Rosenboom would fill the position, followed by Roxey Butler, who held the director position from 1992 until retirement in 2004. Upon Roxey's retirement, Mary Chapa would become the new director. 

In 2006-2007 Della Foley, a teacher in the Caterpillar class at the time was hired as the director and managed the KDO program. During that year, teacher Dana Crowsey Goetzke's passion for gymnastics and knowledge that children need music and movement became a part of the program's curriculum. Dana pitched her 'Jingle Gym' program to Della and it was approved, quickly becoming a long standing favorite of the children.

After many years as director, Della would retire after the 2019-2020 school year, unfortunately COVID-19 took the world by storm and we were not able to finish the school year. In March of 2020, Jamie Opielski, a teacher in the Busy Bees class for the past 11 years was hired as the new director. After months of uncertainty, KDO successfully started back to school in September under strict rules and guidelines. In January 2021 the Kids' Day Out program started operating 3 days a week, Tuesday/Thursday and Friday, after approval from the Preschool/KDO Ministry Team.  

Call Jamie Opielski (210) 658-5761 ext.2 or email for more information.

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